Episode 13: Witnessing Soul Care Firsthand (with Keith Thach)

by | Jan 16, 2024

We are following up on last week’s episode with Christi Thach by having her husband, Keith, join us. Christi was open and vulnerable about her experience of biblical SoulCare through a difficult time in her life.

In this episode, Keith shares what it was like to watch his wife walk through biblical SoulCare, how it built bridges of trust with him, the personal effect biblical SoulCare had on his life, and more!


Key Takeaways

  1. Answers are not found in the world. Often, the world is only interested in bandaids and quick fixes. The true answers are found through the power of God’s Word. A skilled counselor in biblical SoulCare can help take you through that journey.
  2. Our identity is in Christ. It was not long after witnessing his wife, Christi, go through difficulty that Keith experienced a demotion at his job. Many of us would respond to that by changing careers or switching to a new company. But, he shares the truth that our identity and worth are not found in our status, job, or anything external. It is found in Christ.
  3. Be sure people know how to engage the Church. This is true whether it be with their own issues or just knowing how to bring others into biblical SoulCare. It’s important that they know the avenues to engage the church and start biblical SoulCare.


Meet Keith

Keith Thach is the husband of Christi Thach, the Process Innovation Manager for Biblical Counseling Ministries. They have been married since 1998. They have two sons and a daughter-in-law. Together they attend Bethany Community Church in Washington, IL.

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