Real People. Real Change.

The Difference

The difference of creating a culture of biblical SoulCare™ isn’t just in the time and energy the pastor saves. It’s about the ripple effect that happens in the life of the church as your congregation is equipped to live into their calling, and true life-on-life discipleship takes place.

We’ve seen that happen time and time again. Here are some of those stories.


Navigate Challenges

Life is hard, and people are navigating some tough situations. Are our churches safe places to navigate real issues?


Scripture should come out first, not last. Are our churches consistently leaning on the Word of God in counseling?

Strengthen Community

We are meant to be in community with one another. Are our churches equipping our people to champion biblical SoulCare™?

A Pastor’s Perspective

Chad Nightingale

Being Used By God

Cindy Bonnette

God at Work

Ben Busenitz

Faith Like a Child

Leilani Johnson

Glorifying God

Denise Ellis

Healing After a House Fire

Kelli Kinzer

Build a church of biblical counselors.

There is a difference between a church of biblical counselors and a church with a biblical SoulCare™ ministry. It is possible to empower your congregation, change your culture, and build a church of biblical counselors. This takes time and effort, but it’s ultimately what God called us to do: equip the saints for the work of the ministry.

The Process

  1. Engineering land survey

  2. Architectual Design

  3. General Contractor to Build

  4. Detailed Staging of Building