Episode 19: Transforming the Church Through Soul Care (with Paul & Tara Forgette)

by | Apr 9, 2024

In this episode, I’m sharing a conversation recorded with Paul and Tara Forgette live from the Faith Conference in Lafayette, IN.

Paul is the Senior Pastor at Rock Creek Bible Church in Congerville, IL. He and his wife Tara recently took a week away from the responsibilities of church ministry to go through Track 1 at the Faith Conference with two other couples from their church.

In our conversation, Paul and Tara talked about their experience at the conference, the value of bringing others from their congregation, and the groundwork the Faith Conference established for a culture of SoulCare™ at their church.


Key Takeaways

1. While it’s difficult for a pastor to take a full week away, the investment is worth it. Attending a conference has unique benefits over a virtual event. ACBC and the Faith Conference have similarities and differences. Both are Scripture-based, filled with care and deep love for people. The Faith Conference is geared more towards those who are brand new to the conversation, which makes it especially helpful for those in the congregation who choose to attend.

2. When lay people become involved, it changes church culture for the better. Lay people return to their home church with the vision and skills to be part of the counseling culture, which keeps the responsibility from resting solely on the pastor. There’s a difference between conversation and fellowship. As believers, we are called to fellowship, not just conversation. BCM helps teach tools for these deeper connections.

3. Christian community is important. When there’s an opportunity to live out “koinonia” fellowship among believers, especially if others from your home church attend. Post-session conversations give the group time to talk about the beauty of scripture, pray and share together, and discuss aspects of soul care, and key concepts are reinforced.


Meet Paul & Tara

Paul & Tara Forgette serve at Rock Creek Bible Church in Congerville, IL. Paul grew up in Michigan before attending college in Springfield, Missouri. He then spent ten years serving in music and teaching ministries in Texas. Paul began serving at Rock Creek as an Elder and Senior Pastor in 2022. His desire is to faithfully shepherd the church through expository preaching, biblical counseling, and gospel-centered conversation – using Scripture as the foundation. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Tara, and their two daughters.

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