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About BCM

The vision for Biblical Counseling Ministries (BCM) began when Mike Hanson, our Executive Director, first experienced what it was like to truly look to God’s Word for the answers to life’s challenges. The problem he saw? Too many of God’s people are still going “down the street” to find support and counseling rather than to the local church. The solution? Churches need to create an environment, a culture, of biblical SoulCare™, empowering their people and weaving counseling into the DNA and daily life of the church.

our values

Authority of Local Church

We believe God is a God of order, and we take His guidance seriously when it comes to submitting to His leadership structure in the Church.

Here at BCM, this ties right in to our “why.” This is why biblical SoulCare™ belongs in the local church, and even why church discipline can be part of leading people towards repentance and restoration to God and the Church.

Sufficiency of Scripture

We believe God’s Word speaks directly with divine wisdom through the Spirit to address all of life’s problems. Trying to integrate anything alongside God’s Word is not productive and could even be harmful or confusing.

By going to God’s Word first, this results in sustainable and lasting life change, and creates a culture where long-term, ongoing counseling is not typical.


We believe this is what it’s all about: Helping people draw closer to Jesus. Prioritizing discipleship is obedience of the Great Commission and leads the body of Christ to practice the One-Another commands.

Ultimately, the churches who truly value discipleship are the churches we have seen become a church of biblical counselors instead of a church with a biblical counseling ministry.


A Letter from Mike

Dear PAstor,

Do any of these thoughts feel familiar?

I have grown in the ability to publicly expound from the Word of God through teaching and preaching, but I do not have the same confidence when the need arises to counsel well privately. 

I believe our people are facing serious problems in their lives, but very few people seem to come forward asking for help from the Church. 

I just learned a few of my people are going to a counselor down the street. I have heard this person is a solid Christian, but what kind of advice are they really getting, and is it in line with what we believe as a church, or could it possibly be in opposition and hurting our people? 

We are all very busy participating in the church but are we really making disciples the way Jesus instructed us in His great commission? 

I am feeling near burnout and with limited capacity now. How can I add another thing to my plate, even if I think it is important and needed? 

I have some people in my Church that show natural gifting to counsel people and who know the Scriptures well, but how do I further equip them to become competent, confident and certified counselors that could serve in the Church and maybe even greater community? 

If any of these thoughts have made the task you have been given seem impossible, be encouraged. Biblical Counseling Ministries (BCM) exists for God’s glory by helping churches build a culture of biblical SoulCare™.

We carefully say “develop a church of biblical counselors” rather than “develop a church with a biblical SoulCare™ ministry.” I know you understand the difference. We stand alongside you firmly believing: God’s Word is sufficient to address every problem life presents to us, and that only God can bring sustainable heart change through the power of the Holy Spirit. For this purpose, we have created the BCM Pathway which provides you a road map to consider, and is flexible so it can be customized to your unique culture and people.

We want to partner with you in a supportive role helping to avoid known dangers and, in a collaborative environment, also take advantage of the strengths God has given your local church to encourage other local churches until every joint is working properly and growing as the body of Christ builds itself up in love. 

Very excited to talk with you, 

Executive Director

Mike Hanson

What is biblical SoulCare™?

Discipleship. Hope. Spirit-led.

Biblical SoulCare™ begins with 3 truths: 1) God’s Word is sufficient to address every problem in life. 2) True life change happens as God changes our hearts through the power of the Holy Spirit. And 3) He promised to accomplish this life change through His people: the Church.

For too long, we have left the counseling to the “professionals,” but that isn’t God’s design. He designed us all to draw nearer to Him together, in community, to “encourage one another and build each other up” (1 Thess. 5:11). That is speaking of culture.

At BCM, we have a team and process to help your church build that culture.

Central IL Regional Church Partner Network

When you partner with Biblical Counseling Ministries, you become a part of the Regional Church Partner Network. This network provides the opportunity for collaboration, prayer over one another, encouragement, and for a topic related to biblical SoulCare™ to be presented and discussed regularly.

The reason this matters so deeply is that it is a “locking of arms” if you will, an opportunity for fellow pastors to support each other. We get to see shepherds shepherding one another.

We share counselors, locations, experience, and other resources, all under the ecclesiastical authority of each local church. The Network is able to accomplish things that one single church could not accomplish on its own.

“I initially thought that I could never be a biblical counselor, but God used our church’s work with BCM to change my perspective. I want to help others experience the same thing.”

Cindy Bonnette

Pekin Bible Church | Pekin, IL

“We really needed to raise up not just one, but many people in our congregation, who can do biblical counseling and do it well. We’ve been able to do that.

Ben Busenitz

Liberty Bible Church | Eureka, IL

“Since partnering with BCM, it has been incredible to see our church transform into a church of biblical counselors.”

Chad Nightingale

Pekin Bible Church | Pekin, IL