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Biblical Counseling Ministries’ Church Partner Network

One of the “gold nuggets” of Biblical Counseling Ministries is our Church Partner Network which includes local churches in Central IL who have chosen to partner with us. This collaboration of area churches is unique to BCM. We share certified counselors, locations and...

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The Centrality of Christ in Counseling by Chad Nightingale

I have often been disillusioned by a poor theological view of those who are not in Christ. When I heard those who were without were totally depraved, I immediately thought of monstrous individuals, close to zombies, committed to sin and destruction. This reinforced by...

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Overwhelmed, Discouraged and Feeling Alone? A Fictional Tale

Dear Friends, Have you ever imagined what it might be like to pastor a church? The desire to shepherd others in discipling one another, to see them growing and transforming, to see them reflecting the love and mercy of our Great Shepherd filled your very being. As the...

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Addictions: An Unreached Mission Field

Post by: Josh Gerber Associate Pastor of Care & Discipleship New Castle Bible Church, a BCM Network Partner Church Have you ever considered "addiction" a mission field? Many people do not think of addictions in this way. They often assume that it’s the job of...

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BCM Newsletter April 2023

Vol.6 No. 1           BCM Friends at the Faith Biblical Counseling Training Conference   Dear Friends, When you think of people working together to accomplish great things, what comes to mind? Perhaps, the specially trained team of doctors at the Mayo...

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Heartache and Humility

I was so excited!!! 10.15.14 It was a miracle!!! Almost 37 years old, one ovary and endometriosis! I could not wait to welcome that baby into the world. My arms were already full. I praised God. I thanked Him. I asked for the grace to trust Him with the process and...

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