Episode 18: Cultivating Community Through Soul Care (with Kendall & Davett Coffman)

by | Mar 26, 2024

Today, I’m sharing a conversation with Kendall & Davett Coffman. We’re talking about the Customized Blueprint Solution™, specifically Project 2: Discovery and Design.

Kendall is the Senior Pastor at Lexington Community Church just north of Bloomington-Normal, IL. I’m grateful for how Kendall and Davett have shared so honestly about their experience going through Step 2 of our program and BCM’s impact on their family personally.

More and more, I’m learning to appreciate the level of trust it requires for pastors to allow a parachurch organization to come in and see an honest picture of what’s working well and what needs attention. In this conversation, we talk about the challenges and rewards of receiving feedback and the vision of growing a church community devoted to a culture of soul care.


Key Takeaways

1. Pastors can add a soul care element to their church no matter the size. BCM offers a way for SoulCare™ culture to “spread” in a church even without a dedicated staff person. Generating a culture of soul care in a church makes the ministry sustainable because it doesn’t rest on one individual. Ephesians 4 shows a model where pastors and teachers equip the saints for the work of the ministry. This was what Kendall and Davett desired at their church, and they found BCM’s partnership to be a great fit.

2. BCM’s SoulCare™ has been a wonderful gift to Davett, Kendall, and their daughter. Pastors are used to carrying the weight for others, but at times, they need to receive support. Davett’s experience in a care team where her daughter received counseling has been life-giving. In this care team model, there are four roles: a lead counselor, advocate, parent, and observer. Each person contributes in a unique way, and they team up to support and encourage one another.

3. Receiving feedback can feel uncomfortable, but the increase in ministry opportunities makes it worth the effort. The Project 2 report and homework have helped Kendall and his team move LCC toward their vision. This culture of SoulCare™ helps create a church where all the leadership, not just the pastor, is familiar with counseling principles. This leads to an environment where deeper issues are being talked about; people can share brokenness and encourage one another in the midst of it.


Meet Kendall & Davett

Kendall & Davett Coffman, married since 2000, have journeyed from California for Kendall’s Master of Divinity at The Master’s Seminary to Kentucky for his Doctor of Ministry at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. With three children, they’ve served at Lexington Community Church since 2015, focusing on preaching, leading, and ministry vision. The Coffmans also founded an orphan care ministry in Zimbabwe, driven by their commitment to adoption and guided by 1 Peter 2:9—to proclaim God’s excellence.

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