Episode 3: How to Create a Healthy Culture (with Kent Kloter)

by | Aug 29, 2023

What does it actually mean to have a culture of biblical soul care? It’s an important question, and thankfully we have Kent Kloter joining us to help us navigate this today! Kent serves as a church care partner with BCM, but he has been practicing the ministry of biblical counseling since 1999.

Kent and I are going to discuss what it means to create a culture of biblical soul care. There are many people who would say they have a ministry of biblical counseling or they have several biblical counselors in their church. But we want to emphasize the difference between creating a ministry versus creating a culture of biblical soul care.

Listen in!


Key Takeaways

  1. There is a clear connection between Christ and His church. If you are a Christian, Christ intended for you to be a part of the culture of His church. This is where we receive teaching, encouragement, and training in righteousness.
  2. Culture is more than simply having a ministry. Churches often have a ministry of biblical soul care or they may even have a pastor or team devoted to biblical counseling. But when we talk about having a culture of this kind of ministry, we mean that every believer understands and practices caring for the souls of one another. Not everyone needs to be a certified counselor, but everyone should understand how to live and speak like Christ to minister to one another.
  3. It starts with you. As a pastor, you have the power to teach this culture from the pulpit. You can bring someone along with you as you care for the souls of the people in your church. One of the ways this culture is learned is by seeing it in action. You cannot single-handedly create and maintain a culture of soul care, but you can take the first steps to teach, inspire, and encourage others to adopt a culture of biblical soul care.


Meet Kent

Kent Kloter is a church care partner for Biblical Counseling Ministries. Kent began in the ministry of biblical counseling full-time in 1999 and received his ACBC certification in 2009. He has been a part of the Bethany Fellowship of Churches since 2006 and retired in April from his role as Pastor of Biblical Counseling at Bethany Community Church. He has been married to his wife, Janell, since 1977 and they have three children and twelve grandchildren

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