Episode 7: The Roles on Your Biblical Care Team (with Ben Busenitz)

by | Oct 24, 2023

Do you feel burdened in bringing biblical soul care to your church? We’ve found that many pastors want to do this but feel alone in their efforts to try to accomplish it. They either don’t know what steps to take or feel like they need to do everything themselves to create a culture of soul care.

The solution? You have to come to a place of trust with other people to guide and help you execute the ministry of soul care, and you have to understand the roles you need support in. I’m joined by Ben Busenitz today as we discuss the different roles on your biblical care team and how trust plays a factor in building your ministry.


Key Takeaways

  1. It all starts with trust. Once you have trust with your counselee, that opens the door to more trust when you bring other people into the counseling room. This takes patience and time, but it is well worth it. Creating this model will lead to additional roles within your ministry and better support for your counselees.
  2. Developing a team produces fruit beyond counseling. By bringing in additional roles to your team, you will begin to see how those relationships produce fruit long after you have concluded biblical counseling. We heard Ben mention several advocate-counselee relationships that had continued beyond biblical soul care.
  3. Set up checks and balances. Whenever you bring extra people into the room, it’s important to have checks and balances set up to support the soul care you are giving. One of the ways this is typically done is by communicating to the advocate or trainee that any disagreements in advice should be brought up to the counselor first. This avoids sending mixed signals to the counselee.


Meet Ben

Ben Busenitz is the Director of Biblical Counseling at Liberty Bible Church. He is a graduate of Calvary Bible College and Theological Seminary and is certified by the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC). Ben is passionate about seeing lives transformed through the saving grace of Jesus Christ. He and his wife, Jana, have five children and have been personally blessed by biblical counseling.

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