Episode 24: Finding Hope in Biblical Community (with Ben Holman)

by | Jun 18, 2024

T. Dale Johnson authored The Church as a Culture of Care and in this book, he explains that the Church is still the primary place where those who struggle can receive lasting hope and healing. This is the topic we are discussing this week.

Helping me explore this topic is my teammate, Ben Holman. Ben is a part of BCM as a Supervising and Lead Counselor. He also has experience as a Physician Assistant in Orthopedic Surgery since 2006. He not only holds a Masters in Biblical Counseling and is ACBC Certified, but also serves as the Director of Biblical Counseling at New Castle Bible Church.

In this episode, you’ll discover why SoulCare in the church is the best solution, key takeaway’s from T. Dale Johnson’s book, how biblical SoulCare is different from other types of counseling, and much more.


Key Takeaways

  1. The wisdom of God is superior to man-generated wisdom. The Word of God will always be superior to any wisdom man can offer. We can still appreciate some of the advances that come as a result, but we should be careful not to elevate it to the same level as God’s wisdom. God’s Word will always be superior because it comes from an infallible source.
  2. Beware of sinful behavior that secular culture will deem “normal.” We’ve seen this time and time again as new versions of the DSM are released. Some sinful behaviors that were previously deemed as mental health issues are now being redefined as “normal.” When things aren’t being measured up against God’s Word, anything can shift from being unacceptable to acceptable.
  3. The Church is in danger of losing God-given authority. It is important to walk alongside people in their suffering. When we fail to do this, we put the Church in danger of losing its God-given authority. People turn to other sources outside of the Church to solve their problems when we do not step up to discipline, minister, encourage, and more.


Meet Ben

Ben Holman is a Physician Assistant in Orthopedic Surgery, the Supervising and Lead Counselor at Biblical Counseling Ministries, and the Director of Biblical Counseling at New Castle Bible Church. Ben holds a Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling and ACBC certification. He attends New Castle Bible Church in Mackinaw, Illinois with his wife, Ailey, and their six children.

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