BCM Newsletter August 2021

by | Oct 13, 2022

Dear Friends,

Pastors at small and medium sized Churches live under unreasonable expectations. The burden of preparing and bringing expositional preaching alone can be consuming, but often many other to-dos are added on to the job description. Even if there are Associate Pastors on staff, the daily pressures of ministry often squeeze out the ability to specialize or focus on any specific area.

BCM exists to strengthen the Church’s discipleship ministry through Biblical Counseling. One of the most important aspects of this journey of serving a Church is equipping and developing a “Director of Biblical Counseling” to be on staff who focus on                                                                                                                                     leading the counseling ministry in the Church and Community. BCM has designed The Church Counseling                                          Pathway to meet that need. We fill the role of the Director of Biblical Counseling during the beginning phases                                                                          of the partnership and Pathway, but also look forward to celebrating handing off the baton to a Director at each                                                                               Church.                                                                                               

The stakes are very high. Our society is falling apart quickly and more than ever it seems people searching for answers to                                                                                     their problems. Most Churches are not in a position of strength to respond to the needs. BCM desires to come                                                                                            alongside Churches to help facilitate in meeting that need.    

Mike Hanson

Kari Gross

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