BCM Newsletter April 2023

by | Apr 11, 2023

Vol.6 No. 1






BCM Friends at the Faith Biblical Counseling Training Conference


Dear Friends,

When you think of people working together to accomplish great things, what comes to mind? Perhaps, the specially trained team of doctors at the Mayo Clinic treating a patient who has had little help or answers elsewhere? How about the innovative folks at Apple bringing mind-boggling technology to the world? Or the many characters at Disney making memories for people that will last their lifetime? Or possibly, the apostles in the book of Acts as they minister to the early Church? Even more, the work of our Triune God!

BCM is grateful for the collaboration of our Network Partner Churches. It is the “sweet sauce” of the ministry. The beauty of local area churches coming together for the good of the Church is a visible representation of our invisible God.

Fifty-two friends from six BCM Network Partner churches (and two bonus area churches) attended the Faith Conference together this past February. How exciting to see new friendships formed and memories made during that week…ones that will last a lifetime!

If you are interested in joining us at the conference in February 2024, contact [email protected] . If your church is interested in the possibility of becoming a partner in the BCM Network of Partner Churches, contact [email protected] .


Kari Gross

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